Science of Arousal and Relationships

Sexuality often is a source of panic in the United States. When the vibrator appeared, the panic was that women would no longer get married or have children.

Today, the panic is over pornography or, more neutral, sex films. Getting good information about sex films is very difficult. Many people claim expertise without possessing any. Groups make millions of dollars claiming to “fight” sex films based on “science”, yet work with no scientists. While there are dozens of anti-pornography organizations, there is no advocacy group for sex film’s positive health effects.

We are a group of experts trained in and/or researching the effects of sex films. We do not advocate for (or against) viewing sex films as any blanket recommendation. We are willing to connect with media and colleagues, to provide accurate, balanced, science-based information.

Avoid the Damian Sendler error, talk to experts in sexuality!



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