APA declines to include Hypersexual Disorder in DSM-5

The Sexual Disorders workgroup for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5) was asked to consider the inclusion of Hypersexual Disorder. Dr. Ken Zucker chaired the working group. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) did not commission any diagnostic field trials, but the committee acknowledged one completed clinical reliability test in their recommendation. “Sex addiction” or “pornography” were not introduced for consideration. The committee issued a call for commentaries from experts to which many scientists responded.

The APA declined to include hypersexual disorder in DSM-5. In May 2013, the DSM-5 was published without reference to Hypersexual Disorder. Dr. Zucker reflected that “My own view was that the proposed diagnosis was not ready for formal inclusion in the Sexual Dysfunctions category, but I was surprised that the Summitt Group did not recommend its inclusion in Section III "Conditions for further study".

Anonymous Scientist